Monday, April 11, 2011


HTC is one of the world's leading company in the mobile market. HTC is seen fit to give it a lick of paint at Mobile World Congress 201 in the form of HTC Wildfire S. The HTC Wildfire S has a superb touchscreen which makes it smartphone truly covetable. This mobile phone is another Android smartphone with impressive features. It is one of the well respected low cost Android handset.

HTC Wildfire S is a good looking smartphone and comes with a decent prize. We have the biggest complaint about the Wildfire and that is low resolution screen. Wildfire S comes with a big resolution screen which is nice. There is a 3.2 inch display and the display resolution is pumped up from 240*320 pixels to 320*480 pixels. The mobile phone is much more pleasant to look at with clearer images and text. You do not need to zoom into Web pages and easily access to the Android market. It also makes a big impact when it comes on the apps. There are some apps in the market which does not support lower resolution screen. But with the better resolution screen, you can enjoy a lot of apps.

Android on Board-
You can easily access to the Android market which is a one of the Wildfire Charm. You can also install programs and games on to your mobile phone. Wildfire S comes second when the talk comes to selection of apps. The one of the impressive feature is 'Customisability' which is nice. You can slap a widget on your home screen which lets you lets you see your friend's update as they appear.

There are a lot of widgets on the Android market and HTC makes some of the best. HTC Wildfire S also comes with pre-installed apps which is also good. The mobile phone runs the latest version of the Android 2.4 Gingerbread which is identical to the 2.3 Gingerbread except for the addition of a few bug fixes.

Colorful device-
The HTC Wildfire S comes with a range of colors. We have seen White with a jazzy blue trim which looks very classy. The original Wildfire looks like a pleasantly shrunken version of the posh Desire. Wildfire S looks like the Desire S track-suit wearing little brother. Inside of the mobile phone , there is an appealing revamp. HTC is also refreshed its Sense User interface and adds a new apps which allows you to filter your apps. Sense also does a great job of integrating your Facebook friends and Twitter contacts into your address book.

HTC Wildfire S is so far better than the original Wildfire with better screen resolution. You can also enjoy apps and can directly download apps from the Android market. To get more information you can also see the videos and if u click the above link you directly go to the videos and sees the specification of the HTC Wildfire S :

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